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Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

One of PEUGEOT’s commitments as a car manufacturer is to maximise engine efficiency through innovative technology. Our engineers and designers have risen to the challenge, coming up with a whole range of efficient solutions aimed at reducing our cars' environmental impact while still delivering maximum driving enjoyment.

Next Generation PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®

PEUGEOT’s vision of tomorrow’s driving experience is fully realised in our next generation i-Cockpit® which is available on the all-new PEUGEOT 3008 SUV. At its heart sits a 12.3” head-up digital instrument panel positioned squarely in the driver’s field of vision. A 8.0” capacitive touchscreen houses features including 3D Connected Navigation* and real-time traffic information. Connectivity is also hands free - with Apple CarPlay or MirrorLink® connecting your smartphone.

A compact sports steering wheel offers a more responsive, agile drive. All of which sit harmoniously in a beautifully streamlined interior ensuring an enhanced driving experience.

*Available on Allure versions and above


PEUGEOT’s innovative PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine technology delivers a drive and performance normally associated with bigger engines but with significantly improved fuel consumption. It’s the result of intelligent, innovative engineering, which combines reduced weight materials with the efficiency of direct fuel injection to give you maximum pleasure behind the wheel, at any speed, for less.



BlueHDi is the name given to PEUGEOT’s latest generation of diesel engines. The result of a world-famous diesel heritage plus innovation and engineering excellence developed on the race tracks of Le Mans, BlueHDi complies with Euro 6* emission standards, to deliver exceptional fuel economy and CO2 emissions alongside a driving experience rich in power and performance. A three stage cleansing process specifically targets the pollutants of diesel combustion, removing hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, reducing nitrogen oxides by up to 90% and eliminating 99.9* of particulates. BlueHDi delivers the cleanest diesel engine possible and exceptional fuel economy. Watch the video to find out more.


The 508 RXH (with HYbrid4 engine option) combines a diesel engine with an electric motor – offering the perfect combination of control and fuel economy.

There’s a driving mode for every trip, and when you want to switch between the four driving modes, that’s no problem. Our centre console selection dial makes choosing between ZEV (100% electric, Zero Emissions) for reduced fuel consumption in the city, AUTO, SPORT (which combines the use of the engine and electric motor) and 4WD (4-wheel drive) modes so simple – even while you’re driving.


Cars are our livelihood, but the environment impacts all our lives. That’s why, at PEUGEOT, we’ve developed a range of eco-friendly electric cars and electric vans. These innovative electric vehicles feature technologies that make it easy to get around modern towns and cities, whilst allowing you to be kinder to the environment.

Our latest full electric car, the PEUGEOT iOn, provides practicality, style and comfort in a compact package. This small electric car uses cutting-edge lithium ion battery technology to deliver optimum performance. You don’t have to worry about CO2 emissions either – there are none. From a full nine-hour charge you’ll get 93 miles of driving time, making the iOn electric car perfect for urban life.

The Partner Electric van is another addition to our electric vehicles range. It features an economical electric motor, with batteries that can reach a charge of 80% in just 35 minutes. Combined with its generous storage space, the Partner Electric’s ultra-efficiency makes it the electric van for the fast-paced business world.