Fleet & Vans

LCV Fleet Management


We know that LCVs differ from cars in their aftersales requirements. So we’ve made sure the Peugeot Dealer network is geared to your needs in this area too.

  • Out-of-hours convenience
    Commercial vehicles need to be serviced when it suits you, and that can often mean outside of normal business hours. The Peugeot network’s aim is to offer out-of-hours service appointments at least once a week.
  • Collection and delivery
    Peugeot Dealers can offer C&D within a stipulated area. They will also wash your vehicle so that it looks its best.
  • Fleet Menu Pricing
    FMP applies equally to LCVs. Be sure to register and you’ll get the best price for scheduled service, maintenance and repairs.
  • Priority treatment for urgent repairs.
    Our Dealer network’s aim is to conduct initial diagnosis on urgent (VOR) vehicles, order parts within two hours of arrival and complete most repairs the same working day.


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