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If you’re a company car driver choosing a new car, you’ll be looking for something that suits your job and your lifestyle. A vehicle that’s fun to drive and has the equipment to keep you comfortable – but something that’s cost-effective too. Especially when it comes to company car tax.

You’ve come to the right place. At PEUGEOT we have a wide range of high-quality vehicles – not just the dynamic small hatchbacks we’re famous for, but also beautiful executive cars, award-winning SUV’s and our hugely popular vans. So take a look around to see what might suit you.


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Here are a few tools and services to help you. Click here to find your nearest PEUGEOT Dealer who will be happy to help and arrange test drives for you.


Peugeot Compare

The easy way to compare running costs and specs of PEUGEOT vehicles against competitor models, using independent data from KWIKcarcost.


Peugeot Configurator

To price up your ideal PEUGEOT car or van, choosing options like trim level, engine, paint and interior, use our configurator.



Benefit in Kind Calculator

Before choosing your next company car, or switching to a cash alternative, use our latest innovation to help you make the right decision by answering all the fundamental questions you need to ask.